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Driving a taxi means a whole host of issues that you are supposed to deal with ranging from rowdy customers, long and tiring traffic jams as well as surprising elements that can crop up during the course of the day. All said and done, these issues can be managed and dealt in with easily but the when it comes to a private hire insurance policy cover, you need to choose it wisely so that you get the best protection for your vehicle. Before you select the insurance cover that meets your requirements do a thorough research by comparing private hire insurance online quote offered by different companies.

The Difference Between a Private and a Public Hire Taxi

Understanding the difference between the two is an essential component of helping the car driver choose the best policy cover. Whereas a public hire taxi can be availed by customers without booking the cab beforehand, a private hire taxi is dispatched only after prior appointment has been made by the customer.

Types of private hire taxi insurance -- The Options Available

There are broadly three major types of private hire insurance policies. The first type of insurance is the 'named driver cover', also known as the middle type cover wherein the taxi buyer buys the insurance cover only for the sake of them rather than anyone else. In policy-only private hire insurance, the cost of the insurance is directly proportional to the number of insurers that are added to the policy. This is the least expensive form of insurance cover. The third and the final cover is the any driver over seat insurance which covers any person who is driving your taxi. However this is the most expensive insurance cover out of the three and you need to keep your budget in mind before applying for it.

Tips on Finding Affordable Private Hire Insurance Online Quote

Do a little bit of online research before selecting the right private insurance quote for your taxi. The best manner in which it can be done is by comparing the quotes offered by different insurance providers. Now you don't need to go to each and every site and note down the details, simply log in to online quote comparison sites that will give you a better idea of what you have to choose when the budgetary considerations are at the forefront. This ensures that you weigh down all the options beforehand and select the ideal insurance policy for your taxi.

You also need to check whether taxi breakdown cover is present in the policy. If it is then are you supposed to make separate arrangements or it given by the service provider as an add-on. If you are a sole trader, then asking your service provider whether the provision of replacement taxis and courtesy cars is offered can be valuable. There are some insurance companies that can offer some rebate for those who are new drivers. If you are new into this venture then make sure you avail these discounts by finding the relevant quotes online.